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Yes, DOWN is dry-cleanable, but we recommend our items be washed. It's quite simple. We recommend you wash your DOWN Comforter once each year and Pillows twice each year.

Use hot water. Set machine on extra rinse cycle if you have one. Start the machine. Fill with water. Add one-half cup detergent or non-detergent soap.

Permit machine to run 30 seconds to thoroughly mix soap and water. Stop machine. Place the comforter or 2 pillows into the water and push under and squeeze out as much air as you can. Down is very buoyant and floats high on top of water -- it doesn't want to get wet so it may take a little work but it's worth it. Permit Comforter to remain one-half to one hour soaking and Pillows about two hours, then squeeze out the air again, or if you have a pre-soak cycle on your machine use that instead. Start the machine and complete the washing cycle.

Place into dryer set on HIGH heat. Monitor the drying by checking on your item about every 15 to 20 minutes. Shake vigorously all direction and place back in dryer. Repeat this process until its light and fluffy. Monitor your dryer often, as you will want to take the item out of the dryer immediately when dry. Some dryer drums get hot and may not be good for your Down item if left after your dryer stops. Shake well and Sleep well.

This information is furnished as guide on washing Comforters and Pillows manufactured by Don Shingler. We cannot be responsible for other manufacturers' fabrics, sewing techniques or washers and dryer idiosyncrasy.

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Interesting users of Down Factory® products

Don Shingle's designs for DOWN clothing were selected for use by the US Olympic teams for use by the 1964 Alpine Ski Team in Innsbruck, the 1968 Alpine Ski Team in Grenoble, and by the 1992 Hockey Team in Albertville.

In August of 1981 John Cherberg, then Lieutenant Governor of Washington State presented one of Down Factory ®'s comforters to Prince Charles and Lady Diane as a official gift from the State of Washington.

Down Factory ® has been a major factor in cold weather clothing in Alaska for many many years. Our CUS:BUC heavy DOWN parka "built the pipeline" and is the official parka for many of Alaska's major employers. The Alaska State Police, Alaska Railroad, 17 oil companies and thousands of others (NOTE:No endorsement in intended or implied.)

Don Shingler Sr. and Don Shingler Jr. have served as consultants to Japan, China and El Salvador on the general subject of DOWN from Geese and Ducks raised for food being used in manufacturing into comforters, pillows, sleeping bag and a large variety of DOWN apparel.

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Don Shingler, Sr.
Company Founder

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